Our Assos adventure began with a search for a replacement for Bodrum Türkbükü, where we had spent our holidays for years, which had lost its the naturalness and simplicity. It was love at first sight

The air, nature, naturalness and culture were completely different, it impressed us in every way, we just couldn't let go. We started off our adventure by buying a small plot, but our dreams grew and took the form of Ida Costa Hotel, named after the mythology of Mount Ida.

Our hotel is built on a nice acre plot with traditional Aegean architecture, all natural stones and surrounded by olive trees. Everything has been thought out to give a comfortable environment at one with nature, with Mount Ida behind and the sea in front. Our rooms are large, with a minimum of 30 square metres of room, breaking all the records for accommodation in the area.

We decided it wasn't enough to look good, as a family in love with Aegean cuisine, we set up a kitchen so you can also experience this taste. With a rich daily menu, we wanted the flavours to be memorable. We created Ida Spa for those who want to escape the hustle and bustle of city life with relaxing massages, Turkish baths and sauna services.

We really enjoy it, and we hope you will enjoy Assos and Ida Costa as much as we do.

Hoping to see you soon...

Uğur & Hülya Olcay,